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Stephanie [userpic]

rasslingicons is on hiatus.

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Rusty Thorne [userpic]

If I've done this wrong, let me know.

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Stephanie [userpic]

...Gonna Be a Movie Star entries deadline extended to next Sunday at 5 pm EST.

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Amie [userpic]

New to the group, and it's my first time entering in an icontest here. These probably aren't the greatest, but hey. I figured I'd try. I'm new to making icons that aren't of cartoons. ^_^

I think I screwed up and made my entry as a comment previously, and I saw that there were several posts that were people's entries. I hope I'm doing this right this time.

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Stephanie [userpic]

...for the theme of "Gonna Be a Movie Star," wrestling personalities in big screen ventures.

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Stephanie [userpic]

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Gonna Be a Movie Star

is this week's theme. Only shots from wrestlers/wrestling personalities/folks formerly in wrestling from their motion picture moments may be used this week.

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Stephanie [userpic]

...for the theme of "Poetry in Motion." For more explaination on the theme, see the results post from last week.

Over at GJ, the "X-Division" is the theme.

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Bitha Blu [userpic]

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Poe The Bells

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TS Eliot WasteLands

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Shakespear Sonnet 102

Stephanie [userpic]

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This theme's a little bit of justice...of the poetic kind.

Poetry in Motion

At least three words of a published poem that can be cited must be used in the icon. In addition, you must prove the name and author of said poem in the icon.

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