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July 2006
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Amie [userpic]
Gunna Be A Movie Star - Santa Baby...

New to the group, and it's my first time entering in an icontest here. These probably aren't the greatest, but hey. I figured I'd try. I'm new to making icons that aren't of cartoons. ^_^

I think I screwed up and made my entry as a comment previously, and I saw that there were several posts that were people's entries. I hope I'm doing this right this time.

All three icons are from Hulk Hogan's movie "Santa with Muscles" and are, of course, of Hulk Hogan (it's hard to tell with the Santa suit and all). The icon with his hat and beard on has swearing, although it's hard to tell. I hope that's alright. If not, just use the other two, and let me know that the "You!" icon wasn't allowed.

Entry #1

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Entry #2

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Entry #3

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