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Amber [userpic]

A twist on an old Chappelle show joke:)

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Stephanie [userpic]

Icons for the theme of "The Big Show" are due tomorrow at 5 pm EST.

Over at Rasslingicons@GJ - the theme is Nora Greenwald/Molly Holly.

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goodieuk [userpic]

2 entries.

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Still contemplating [userpic]

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Amber [userpic]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Beth [userpic]

Just one entry this time. Hopefully it's alright.

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Stephanie [userpic]

But I remember everything...Collapse )

As for this week...

The Big Show

The 7'2", 500 lb giant is our theme this week. All past gimmicks, basically anything to do with the Big Show, is fair game!

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Beth [userpic]

1. 2. 3.

For those who don't know, number two is Shelly Martinez from OVW.

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