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Numba One Announca!

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All Members , Moderated

This is not a "post whatever icons" or "request an icon" community - this is a competitive icon community. Want to learn more? Read on!

Time Window to Get Your Entries COUNTED!

Themes are posted during RAW's airing on the east coast (around 9 pm est on Monday) and members have until two hours before Heat's airing on the east coast (around 5 pm est on the following Sunday) to be entered. There will be an entry, either by divalita, originaldiva, luchalibrarian or stepharoony (or any subsititute moderator) that will tell you when you can no longer enter. However, if you notice that the "no more icons" post is not up at that time, you're still allowed to post entries.

Icons are then put into polls where members can vote as soon as the polls are up until 30 minutes before RAW goes on the air on the east coast (around 8:30 pm est) the next day. If the results are NOT posted, that means the polls are still open and you can still vote!

Here are the rules:

1- There's a different theme every week. Obviously, there will be a moment when themes are recycled, but at the moment, not so much ;)

This week's theme: Joey Styles

2 - At the end of the week, all the icons gets shown and everybody votes on who's they think is the best in terms of originality, design and overall. There is no "1, 2, 3"...that's too easy!

3 - This is an important one: Keep all icons within LJ standards, max 100x100 pixels and nothing larger than 40k.

4 - You can win all three awards, originality, design and overall, in one week. If you do, though, you are out of the running for the next week.

5 - Maintainers of this community are allowed to enter.

6 - Themes can be taken in this way: *EXAMPLE* If the theme of the week is Trish Stratus, anything to do with Trish, pictures of her with T'n'A, her feud with Stephanie, her kiss with the Rock, her times in Tristan, her feud with Lita, her love/hate relationship with the Diva Search winners, her issues with Mickie James, they're all are up for grabs, as long as it pertains to Trish.

7 - To enter: post your icons in the journal and clearly mark that they are entries. :)

8 - NO BASHING ICONS. Just positive. You can make negative icons for yourself, but not here. ;) There *MAY* be exceptions to this rule, but only when deemed expressly by stepharoony.

9 - You may enter up to 3 icons into one contest at a time. Anymore than 3 will NOT be considered for the contest.

10 - Foul Language on icons is permissible, but not excessively.

11 - Once an icon has been entered for a theme - IT MAY NOT BE ENTERED AGAIN! EVER! Not at this version of rasslingicons or at the GreatestJournal version!

12 - Posts not pertaining in someway to the community, i.e. promotions for other communities (unless they are posted by one of the moderators as a favourite to one of our affliates), requests for creations of icons, etc, will be DELETED!

13 -

Those found claiming another's work as their own will be BANNED from the community.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Moderators, stepharoony, divalita, originaldiva & luchalibrarian xoxo

Record for Number of Entries ~ 51 for the week of 1 November - 8 November 2004 for Free-4-All 2: The Reckoning!

RI Affliates

Rasslingicons @ GreatestJournal - co-run by luchalibrarian and stepharoony - same concept, different url.

lyricontest ~ a lyrical icon contest by ruuk

stephbdp ~ a Stephanie McMahon-Levesque community from stepharoony

tragic_contests ~ a challenge community from walkwiththedead

tapout100 ~ a 100 themed icon community from ketene

Like to be an affliate of RI? E-mail Stephers @: stephers@gmail.com

Wanna help pimp our community? Upload one of our banners to your host, and pimp away!

Banner by RI moderator divalita

Above Banners by ruuk